The Interview: Isabelle Carron from Absolution Skincare

We are pleased to bring you an interview with one of France’s new movers & shakers in the natural skincare world, Absolution Skincare founder Isabelle Carron. Having produced an incredible aesthetically pleasing organic skin care line (certified by Ecocert) that not only looks good but also delivers results, Isabelle wanted to ensure her range was conscious of its environmental impact as well. With two awards already received since launch, including Beyond Beauty Jury Award and Wallpaper Magazine Design Award for 2010, it’s sure to be a much talked about brand for 2010!

See what the founder, Isabelle Carron has to say…


What lies behind your passion to supply the beauty world with natural, organic skincare? Why do you think it is important to use natural / organic and sustainably produced products (for your skin)?

The belief that natural and organic ingredients are better and safer for the skin! The results and efficiency of organic products are so impressive at balancing the skin that I cannot imagine using anything else to take care of it. I’m always fascinated by the power of nature, by all the things you can discover everyday that have always been there… in nature. Many ingredients have been used by ancient cultures, or rediscovered thanks to today’s research – the potential of properties that lies in our environment is inspiring. This is why I consider it so important to preserve and to take the best of it for our beauty while being kind on the environment… When you realise that it’s both better for yourself and the planet, there is not even “a choice” to make.

How did you arrive at the Absolution Philosophy and how does it differ from other brands?

Absolution Skincare offers a new approach to beauty: a smaller range of products, more simplicity, highly organic skin care that can be customised to suit the different moods of your skin. Each day as it comes…

It’s a new vision of beauty and skin care. No other brands worked on this philosophy / psychology of the skin before: your skin is an ecosystem, that is “never” the same, because the information received is never the same. The skin balances itself daily to be at its best in accord to numerous sets of information: your environment changes, the seasons/weather change, your diet is not always the same and you don’t feel always the same etc…

This is why with Absolution you can really listen to your skin and treat it in a “made to measure” way. Each cream can be customized daily with one dose of La Solution+ (highly concentrated booster) of your choice targeting a specific need: radiance (La Solution Eclat), anti-ageing (La Solution Anti-Ageing), combination skin or imperfections (La Solution Controle), protection (La Solution Energie)….. Our airless packaging is conceived to do it easily and safely, using the top of the jar to mix the cream.

You talk about sustainably sourced and grown ingredients, along with manufacturing processes included to complete the final Absolution product from field to shelf. Do you think the natural skincare industry can have a positive effect on growers/suppliers and the manufacturing process?

For sure. If the consumer demand continues to grow, the market will “force” the processes to evolve, it will help organic production to become more of a standard, make manufacturers adapt their production to be able to provide natural/organic/sustainable, lower the prices, challenge the research and development, increase quality etc… If the brand stays demanding on their standards, and yet still gives a framework for these productions/products, I’m sure that it can only be for the best!

What is Absolution’s suggested skin routine to maximize the benefits of each of your products?

Cleansing + treating right are the “it steps”. Your skin needs to be clean to receive and maximize the effect of a skin care. L’Eau Soir et Matin is both a makeup remover and a real skin care cleanser (airless bottle allows a very sophisticated formulation rare for a cleanser!). Then, the skin care needs to be targeted, whiich is the whole point of the range – give dry skin the wrong treatment and it will make no sense and won’t help recover balance and beauty.

According to your skin’s needs (very simple to “see” if you look at it carefully and pay attention to yourself) you need to hydrate as a basic and adjust the skin care to the specific need: dull complexion (late night / smoke / winter…) = radiance needed ! etc.

Which Absolution product could you not live without?

La Solution + Eclat in La Crème du Jour: an immediate lift effect and healthy look, I work long hours and when I really feel like I need to be “fresh”, it’s a must in the morning or even just before going out after a working day. Enjoy!

Absolution has been featured in Stylist Magazine, Elle Magazine, Esquire, Above Magazine, The Telegraph and on British Beauty Blogger.

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