Lotus Wei Arrives in the UK

Now-and-then a brand comes along that changes your view on things. One such brand Lotus Wei has just arrived for the first time in the UK at Content.

We’ve always been fans of flower remedies and even dabbled in the odd course or two on the subject. We also like a little aromatherapy from time to time too, but generally we have not been wowed with inspiring product offerings. Flower remedies may hit the spot in times of crisis but they aren’t typically the prettiest thing to flash from your purse when you need a therapeutic swig.

All that has now changed, thanks to US brand Lotus Wei who have created energy mists and elixirs which are set to be the must have items for this summer. Not only do these little helpers fill our day with joy, inspire action, create inner peace, cleanse for pure energy and conjure infinite love – but they also may just leave us with a quiet mind at the end of a busy day and all with a grand amount of style and substance. Founder and formulator Katie Hess has managed to change the face of flower remedies and energy mists with her eye-catching, beautiful packaging and her energetic infusions of flowers and pure essential oils that work. And we are not the only fans. Others include Andrew Weil, MD, Author of Eight Weeks to Optimum Health & Why Our Health Matters, “I’m a loyal fan of Lotus Wei, and I enjoy using Katie Hess’ flower essences. Katie brings an intuitive knowledge of herbs, spices, and flower essences to the products of Lotus Wei…..”. We chatted to Katie about how she is changing the perception of flower remedies.

How did you come to create the Lotus Wei range?
I spent over 10 years doing one-on-one consultations. Clients came regularly for custom formulas of flower essences. I worked with each individual for six months to several years. During that time I witnessed countless transformations in people, and was continually surprised at how quickly it would happen. I watched my client’s faces, emotions, attitudes, and life situations change radically within only one month of taking flower essences, only to further evolve as they continued taking the essences over time.
I realized that I would not be able to make the kind of impact that I wanted to, if I was limited to the number of people that I could individually and personally see myself. So I decided to create a line of elixirs that would be easy to understand and that consist of combination of several flower essences that I feel people most needed today. Each of the six formulas contain balanced formulas of flower essences collected by us from diverse environments including forests, deserts, wetlands, and tropical flowers.

What is special about the Lotus Wei collection of flowers and essential oils you use?
We hand-collect our flower essences from both wild-crafted and organic plants: in secluded habitats where there is little human influence in the environment, as well as from organic gardens tended to by gifted gardeners. Occasionally we also collect flower essences from plants and flowers that we grow organically ourselves. We pay attention to full moons, new moons, eclipses, bio-dynamic calendars, along with auspicious synchronicity.
Our essential oils come from all over the world, sourced from organic, wild-crafted and ethically-harvested sources. Whenever possible we use certified organic essential oils.

For those that haven’t tried flower remedy elixirs before can you explain how they work?
Flower remedy elixirs are an aqueous solution that when taken internally or applied on the body, works through the acupuncture meridian system. The science behind it is called sympathetic resonance: when you have two tuning forks of the same key and strike one of them, the other tuning fork starts to buzz even though it’s not touching the vibrating one. This is because the invisible sound waves expand out, causing the second fork to vibrate in resonance.
The same happens with flowers. They are emanating waves that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but that strike a chord within us and as we re-balance our bodies and minds we experience more clarity, happiness, and peacefulness. When people find this hard to believe, I ask them how a cell phone works. We don’t question a cell phone, because we hear the voice on the other end. The waves emanate from the phone and send information through space. So we see this on many levels in technology. The difference is that what the flowers and plants has profound health benefits.

The mists seem to have an instant effect, how long does it take for the elixirs to work and can you mix them?
To some the mists seem to have more of an effect, because they are targeting three senses: smell (essential oils), touch (feeling the water on your face), and the sixth sense (or state of mind). Elixirs also work instantly–and though they taste like nectar, it’s more of just the sixth sense involved. You can do an experiment and take a bottle of Joy Juice Elixir with you when you go out to dinner with friends. Put five drops of the elixir in each person’s water or beverage, and wait 5-10 minutes. You’ll notice that everyone gets giddy, giggly and is having more fun. I was having lunch in Korea with six businessmen in suits who had just come from their offices and were looking very serious. I put Joy Juice in all the teapots on the table, and in no time as everyone drank their tea, everyone was laughing hysterically.
You can mix elixirs if you wish. I always tell people that you can have joy and peace and love and energy and calm and inspiration … you can have it all.

Living in a large city everyone needs a rescue remedy. What would you recommend for coping with city living? The Lotus Wei Inner Peace. Use it when you have very high levels of stress, too much on your plate, a lot going on, emotional trauma, feeling nervous, or when you simply want to experience more calm, confidence, and peacefulness.

What is the best way to choose an elixir or mist? I seem to need all of them!
You can always trust your inner wisdom–I have tested that to be true with thousands of people in the last ten years. Choose the flower that you are most drawn to and that will invariably be the one you need the most. You’ll always be attracted to the ones you need most in the moment and that can change over time. You can also choose by the color or the words you’re attracted to. And there’s no wrong answer. They will all benefit you, there are just some that are more targeted to your situation.
If you feel like you need several or all of them, you can use an elixir, mist, and serum simultaneously, each from a different formula. For example, I have Infinite Love in my purse–I take that every time I open my purse. Inspired Action Mist sits on my desk at the office and I use that one every couple hours to keep me focused and creative. Pure Energy and Quiet Mind sit on a shelf next to my bed. I apply the Pure Energy to my face (after usually a full day of computer use it needs it) and to my belly. Then I put the Quiet Mind on the bottoms of my feet before I slip into bed. Over time you might build up a collection of all of them, and then you can just mix and match each day what you feel like you need most that particular day.

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