Three mascaras that I am currently using…..

This blog post has been in my drafts for ages as I have been flitting between mascaras, I always have a few on the go as there are so many to try!  Since starting the post more have been popping up, namely the new one from Kjaer Weis which I am very intrigued by, however at £32 I think I’m going to hold out a little – anyone else tried it yet?  Until then here are my three current beaus –

First up is Green People and my favourite at the moment.  It has been reformulated, I tried the original and remember it being very natural, too natural for me.  I really like this new version though, it coats lashes well from the first layer and you can build it up to a good full effect.  The brush makes a difference too, it feels quite modern rather than your bog standard one that a lot of natural mascaras have, the lashes are coated evenly without clogging.  The texture isn’t too wet or creamy, almost plasticky – probably completely the wrong thing to say but I don’t know how else to describe it – it feels very ‘conventional’ in a good way.  It stays on well with no smudging at all on me.  When I touch up the rest of my make-up I do apply a little more to give it a boost.  It is £14.75 which I think is a good price.


Next up is Zao, an exciting French organic brand new to the UK.  This mascara impressed me as well.  It is more of a creamy consistency but builds a good fuller lash effect with just a couple of coats.  It is a good intense black, the pigment is great.  The first few times it didn’t smudge on me, however it did start to after a few wears, I’m not sure what changed.  Zao suggest dusting lashes with powder before application to help stop smudging, it actually does really help.  I brushed a little mineral powder onto my lashes and the mascara lasted a lot longer with no transfer to my under eye.  Again a top up during the day is needed to keep the fuller lash effect.  This one is £16.95.

mascara_poche copie

The third is B is for Beautiful – not natural I know but cruelty free. As much as I love natural mascara and wear it on myself, I do need more heavy duty and longer wearing ones for my kit especially for long shoots under hot lights. There are four formulations but I have been using the B.All which is lengthening, defining and volumising.  It doesn’t volumise massively but does give a nice lash effect.  The removal of this one is a bit different, it is designed to come off with plain water, rather than make-up remover on a cotton pad. It comes off in little ‘tubes’, which takes a bit of getting used too and I find it hard to remove it all of it, so tend to wake up with the remnants under my eyes.  That said, it does make it long lasting without flaking and smudging so I keep it for days when I know I need it more heavy duty.  At the moment this is on offer for £6.99.



  1. loudartford

    It’s got a lot of fragrance hasn’t it – interesting. I will test it at some point!! The Zao is nice, I’m looking forward to trying more of the range at the Organic and Natural Beauty show in June….

  2. Laura

    I cannot wait either to try the kjaer weis one. What do you think about the ilia? The green people looks good; not sure that I like the bamboo packaging of the zao and I am afraid of smudging…

  3. Laura

    I have tried the kjaer weis mascara now and omg it is so amazing!!!! It goes on clean, does not clump, separates, lengthens, thickens and does not smear. The packaging is great and chic, and i like the refill system, which should make it cheaper than eg ilia the second time around.

  4. loudartford

    You’re making me jealous – I want to try it!! So great to hear a glowing review on it, brilliant, will have to try now…..

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