Dizao Organics – coloured lip balms and mascara

Another easy thing to switch in your beauty regime is your lip balm. Think about it, anything you put on your lips you are inevitably going to eat. Therefore it makes sense to definitely check the ingredients of your lip products. I’m quite partial to a lip balm and usually have a few on the go at any one time. I was recently sent some of the Dizao Organic Protective Lip Colour Balm to try and I’ve become a fan.


They are made with natural waxes and oils such as jojoba, coconut, shea and cocoa butter, so they’re really nourishing. 90% of the ingredients are certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic which is accredited by the USDA. The rest is made up of minerals which gives them their colour and a nice twist. There are actually 20 different shades to choose from. They are just tints rather than full on colour, but I think this makes them more fun, as it means you can play around and wear colours you might normally shy away from.

photo (15)

From left – Light Coral, Wild Poppy, Clematis, Iris, Crocus, Cherry Blossom

This selection comes in the Lovely Set, I’ve probably been wearing Wild Poppy the most as it gives a nice relaxed red.


I’ve also been wearing the Organic Moisturising Black Mascara which I’m very impressed with. It builds to a nice lash and once it is dry, it doesn’t smudge. Like a lot of mascaras it gets better the longer it has been open, however a tube doesn’t seem to last that long – this can be seen as a good thing I guess, as we should be changing our mascara regularly!


Dizao is an American brand but you can get it in the UK from EcoMarket.com The balms are £8.20 on their own or the selection packs are £42. The balms are also available with no colour but in different flavours such as mango, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream – yum!


  1. loudartford

    Just back from a very, very hot week in Bangladesh. There was lots of sweat going on but I must say my mascara didn’t smudge – good test!

  2. Amazing colors! Didn’t expect them to deliver such pigmented colors. The mascara sounds amazing too, might just HAVE to find a way to get these all the way to the downunder…

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