Get the look – smokey eye step-by-step

I was recently asked by Look at Me, Superdrug’s beauty blog, to do a step-by-step smokey eye for them. I thought it would be good to show a really simple version, using just a few products. I used a black kohl pencil, two eyeshadows and a mascara.


I think using a kohl pencil is one of the easiest ways to do a smokey eye. You can literally just smudge it into the top and bottom lash line – because you’re smudging it your application doesn’t need to be perfect. With a brush, buff it out to your desired shape and intensity. For the look above, I coloured in the whole eyelid with the pencil and then softened the edges. I used eyeshadow over the top to help set the pencil and add more density, but you could just use the pencil on its own. Setting with a shadow will give it more longevity, you can also use a different coloured shadow to push the look further.

Here is the full tutorial –

For the tutorial I used products from B. and Barry M – not natural or organic I know, but cruelty free – a lot of B. is vegan – and of course available from Superdrug. Here are some of my favourite natural and organic eye pencils that would work equally well for the look.

Inika’s Organic Eyeliner is creamy and soft so is great for creating this look as it won’t drag on your skin. The black pencil is nice and dense so you can build quite a strong intense look. There is a sharpener built into the lid so you’ll always have a sharp pencil which is definitely a good thing.

Jane Iredale’s Eye Pencil in Basic Black is just that, a simple pencil that does just what it says. The texture is creamy so application is easy and the colour is dark and full, allowing you to create a smokey eye really quickly. It has good staying power too.

The Mesmerize Eyeliner by Vapour Organic Beauty is perfect for this look. The jet black colour just glides onto skin without pulling, and the smudging tool on the other end of the pencil makes it easy to blend.

Benecos Natural Kajal Eyeliner is an absolute bargain at £3.95. This German brand is aimed towards teenagers, hence the price. However it is good for all, it is soft, creamy and blends well, if you work it into the skin then it has good staying power.

REMEMBER – you don’t have to use black. If you feel black is too harsh for you, try a brown or a grey pencil for a softer, yet still defining effect.

Thank you to Tuesday-Rose, my lovely model.

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