Little Shop Of Beauty

Last Saturday I was asked to give a talk at the Little Shop Of Beauty, a fabulous pop-up boutique in Marylebone. The shop was there from Friday until Sunday and featured a whole host of amazing beauty brands.

It was a mix of products for inner and outer beauty. One of my favourite skincare brands Pai was there along with a new one called Silk and Honey which takes things from a different slant. Instead of buying a finished product, you buy the ingredients and make it yourself, ensuring your chosen potion is at its freshest with minimal preservatives. I think it is a great idea.

photo 1 (1)

Many of the brands were about beauty from the inside. Bobo’s Juicery were giving samples of their delicious raw, cold pressed juices and smoothies – Mind Blowing was my favourite with an ingredient list of banana, buckwheat, date water, hemp seeds, himalayan pink salt and ho shou wu. The Pressery were showcasing their almond milk which was lovely. Sweet Virtues were showing their DELICIOUS superfood truffles, these contain a whole host of healthy, skin friendly ingredients – as if we needed an excuse to try them!

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The shop was shut at various points over the weekend for ticket only talks and Q&A sessions. I spoke at the lunchtime session along with Sophie and Antonia from Sprout Market, a bespoke wellbeing service who offer all kinds of services including diet overhauls, cooking lessons and food shopping expeditions. Dana Elemara from Arganics spoke about her favourite beauty tips and her 100% pure organic cold pressed argan oil. This can be used internally and externally, Dana very kindly gave me a bottle so I’m excited to give it a go! Alexandra Dudley has recently launched Punch Foods which is about healthy snacking so she gave us her insight into that along with a healthy detox for summer.

I was speaking on behalf of Content Beauty and my subject was the future of organic make-up and why it should be making its way into all of our make-up bags. I spoke a little about my background and my personal interest in wellbeing and health. My love of a good health shop led me to discover natural skincare many years ago – it wasn’t the best admittedly but it made me make the correlation between what we put in our bodies and what we put on our bodies. The two are both so important for our wellbeing. When I am doing an event at Content I find that that is the reason why many customers come in – they are already eating a healthy organic diet and the next step is to think about what they are using externally.


I was the last to talk and from the previous speakers we learnt that nutrition is key for a healthy life. It is essential for inner beauty which in turn effects our outer beauty. The power of food is not to be underestimated, which I guess is why it is making its way into many of our beauty products. In keeping with the tone of the other speakers, I decided to talk more about this. So many of the beauty products in Content contain ingredients that would be just as at home in your kitchen. Here are just a few examples –

Intelligent Nutrients lip gloss is certified organic and gluten free, it is so pure you could eat it. Fruit pigments are used to colour it (as opposed to minerals), it contains agave, caramel, coconut, raspberry and vanilla – a delicious concoction that is amazing for your lips and it won’t matter if you do eat some – remember that statistic about women eating on average how many pounds of lipstick in their lifetime??

Coconut oil is long heralded a wonder oil for internal health but it is also the base for many skincare and make-up ranges – Rose-Marie Swift swears by it and it is the backbone of her rms beauty range. Kjaer Weis use it in their compact foundation too, to name but a few.

Green tea, chamomile and aloe vera are very common ingredients in the beauty world, when W3LL PEOPLE introduced them into their mineral powder it completely transformed it. I wasn’t interested in mineral powders until then.

It makes sense that our beauty products contain healthy ingredients that we would want to ingest, seeing that our skin will absorb a certain amount of them anyway. Products that we put on our skin should feed and nurture it, not irritate or cause damage. Luckily green technology is improving all the time and amazing products are being made that do look after skin and without compromising on performance.

So in conclusion – the future of organic make-up is bright and exciting and if you haven’t tried it, give it a go!!


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