Product of the month… Meow Meow Tweet Lip Balm

MMTlipsI LOVE this lip balm. Now I am a big fan of balms and have many favourites but there is something about this one that is extra nice. The texture is really smooth and creamy but without being greasy at all, it just glides on and makes your lips feel great. It sits on my desk and I must admit I am slightly addicted to it, but not because my lips are drying from it as some lip balms do (not mentioning any names… vaseline….) but because it is just so nice. You could apply it just once a day and reap the benefits. It is made simply from cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil, hempseed oil, candelilla wax and essential oils for fragrance and flavour. I have the Tangerine Lime flavour and it smells delicious.

The balm is from a really cute New York natural apothecary called Meow Meow Tweet. They hand make all of their skincare, soaps and soy candles using natural and organic ingredients, they are also vegan. Their packaging uses minimal plastic – the products are mainly in glass with biodegradable labels with very cool graphics. I have been trying some of the other products from the range and I have loved all of it really.

The Cocoa Skin Cream smells AMAZING, just like chocolate. It contains just four ingredients – organic hempseed and virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. Depending on room temperature it can be a little solid in texture but once you start to apply it to your skin, it literally melts in.


I have also been trying their newest product which is the Face Cleanser. I usually double cleanse with an oil or oil based cleanser first and then something that lathers up a bit more afterwards. The Meow Meow Tweet cleanser is predominately made from oils so I have been using that to remove make-up along with another cleanser over the top. It feels nice and fresh on the skin although be careful around the eyes as there are essential oils which can sting sensitive eyes a little.


The Face Exfoliant mixes really well with the cleanser too. A mixture of oats, chamomile flowers, black walnut hull and kelp are very finely milled to create ultra fine grains that gently exfoliate without irritation. Mix it with the cleanser to form a paste and then gently massage into your skin or just mix it with water to do the same.


The Deodorant Cream is another winner. Arrowroot and kaolin clay help to keep you dry while coconut oil and baking soda are antibacterial. (The brand direct you to a very interesting blog on baking soda and aluminium if you’re interested… ) I have the tea tree which I really like but it also comes in lavender which I imagine to be good too. If you haven’t used a cream before then it can be weird the first few applications, but you soon get used to it. It might not keep you as dry as a ‘regular’ deodorant but it is FAR better for you. I used to switch it up between a ‘regular’ one and a natural one such as this but now I just use this and that is all I need.


As I said the brand is New York based but they do ship internationally, hopefully they will be available in the UK soon!

Meow Meow Tweet 


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