Get the look – you can wear black liner!

Black eyeliner will never date as a look, however it can add a few years to the wearer if worn in the wrong way; it can be too harsh around the eyes and end up making them look tired, heavy and smaller. Dark brown is a great alternative giving a softer yet still defined look. Be careful though, not all browns are the same – those with too much red in them can make eyes look tired as well. Grey is another good alternative to black.

Black does however give an intensity that sometimes can’t be matched. Team it with your softer colours to get the best of both worlds.

It doesn’t have to be a thick bold line to create an effect. A thin black line close to the lashes will frame the eyes and really define without looking heavy or weighing the eye down. It can make the iris’ pop too and intensify their colour. The definition will also make lashes appear thicker and longer. Create your chosen liner shape with your softer colour and then draw your black liner as close to your lashes as possible to sharpen the look up. This works really well with a smokey eye too, smudge a black liner into the lashes as your finishing touch to make eyes smoulder.


Using black just on the outer half of a bold winged liner allows you a strong look without being top heavy on the eye. The black on the outside will help lift the eye up and out, while your lighter colour defines gently.


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