Content Beauty – Make-up March – what’s in my make-up bag?

It’s Make-up March again at Content Beauty which means lots of exciting organic make-up events and competitions. It is the perfect time of year to give your beauty regime an overhaul, whether you are a green beauty already or just starting to do the switch, some inspiration is always helpful. If you can, book yourself an organic make-over at the shop, this is an amazing way to try new products and get expert advice tailored specifically for you. If you can’t make it in person then the Content blog is the next best thing as over the next month there will be lots of great features and ideas to get you ready for spring. If you haven’t already, check out my eco-hero Rose-Marie Swift’s masterclass for lots of brilliant make-up tips.

As part of the festivities, Content asked to take a peek into my make-up bag which of course I was happy to oblige. Here it is…

photo 1 (3)

Check out the full post if you would like to see why these products are my current favourites….


  1. lacmat

    I love this post. I’m always interested in what other people use but especially you as you’re a make up artist. My favourite mascara is Green People, which you recommended to me a while ago, and it’s the only one (so far) that doesn’t irritate my eyes. I haven’t tried the RMS one but I feel a bit reluctant to in case it irritates my eyes too. I also like RMS uncover up, RMS living luminiser and Vapour foundation (the only foundation that doesn’t make me feel like taking it off after 5 mins!). I’d be interested in trying the W3LL People foundation as I’ve heard you recommend it before. Also the blush sounds interesting. I have similar colouring to you and I think the shade you have may be ok for me. The great thing about Content is that they provide samples which is great if you don’t live in London.

    • loudartford

      Thank you very much for your comment, I’m so pleased you like the post. Good to hear that you’re a fan of a lot of the products already! Really pleased you were happy with the Green People recommendation, I’m still a big fan of that mascara too – I agree if you’re happy with it and have sensitive eyes then stick with it for the moment. The W3LL People is well worth a try if you want to try a powder and I’m always a fan of a cream blusher! Yes you’re right, Content are brilliant for samples and excellent help when choosing make-up in the store and over the phone or online – dangerous though – too many nice things to buy!!

    • loudartford

      Thanks very much for your nomination and sorry for my late reply! Sounds great – will get on it! Your blog looks great.

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