Product of the month – Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme

tatarestorativeeyecreme copy

Under every good make-up is good skincare. A good skin regime is essential if you want your make-up to sit nicely and have longevity. Before I apply make-up to anyone’s skin I will prep it with a good moisturiser or oil and always with an eye cream. The skin around the eyes is so fine and delicate that make-up can easily look heavy and actually make things look worse if you don’t look after it first.

I’ve always suffered from dark circles, the fact I’m pale skinned doesn’t help, I think it’s also hereditary. A small baby added into the mix has made bags into suitcases. Having accepted that good sleep is not on the agenda for a while, I decided to treat myself to a decent eye cream. Step in Tata Harper’s Restorative Eye Creme. I had this once before and was really pleased with the results, my eye area was noticeably fresher.

I’ve been using my new cream for almost two weeks and I can see a difference already. My bags haven’t gone – I need a miracle for that – but my skin is a lot smoother and hydrated. The area around my eyes was starting to look quite crepey but there is a definite improvement in texture and the skin feels plumper. Any excess product I use on the annoying line in between my brows and that seems visibly better too. You can use it around the lips as well to treat finelines and plump skin.

It is a luxury line so in the upper price bracket, (£72 from Content in the UK) but it does offer a lot for its money. The ingredients are 100% natural with many of them grown on the Harper family organic farm in Vermont. This is also where the products are made and packaged. The rest are responsibly sourced from places like the Amazon. It is ‘the potency of the natural botanical active ingredients’ that give the range its advanced anti-ageing technology. Many eye creams will just work on one area but this one is designed to work on dark circles, puffiness, finelines and wrinkles, firming the eyelid and reducing signs of fatigue. Ticking many boxes for many women I’m sure. A little goes a long way too, I remember having my last one for a good few months.

I’m very pleased with my purchase, indeed a luxury but one my eyes need at the moment so worth it!

Tata Harper


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