Top tips for foundation…

Lots of women won’t step outside the house without theirs on while others don’t like the feeling on their skin, foundation gets a really mixed review. I think that it can definitely be a good thing if you choose the right one, as well as helping your skin look great, it can also protect and nourish it.

Your skin type and condition will determine the type of foundation you decide to use as will the desired finished look. As we come into summer tinted moisturisers are great, they give a lighter coverage and often contain an spf. You can also thin down a thicker foundation by mixing in a little moisturiser. BB creams are another great option if you want a lighter coverage.

Foundation should even the skin tone out, not mask it. Just use it where the skin needs it, this is usually down the centre panel of the face. If the foundation covers things like spots then it is too heavy – this is what concealers are for!

If you have problematic skin, don’t make the mistake of applying heavy foundation everywhere. This can actually draw attention to what you’re trying to disguise. Use a lightweight base to even your skin out then use a heavier concealer, just where you need it. If areas of your skin are great then skip the foundation there – leaving areas make-up free will keep your complexion looking fresh and naturally flawless. This is true for all skins. If I leave my nose make-up free, my skin looks miles better – if I put foundation on my nose it tends to sit in my pores and looks heavy.

When choosing a colour try three different ones on your jawline, you shouldn’t be able to see the foundation on the skin, it should ‘disappear’ into it. Don’t try and change your complexion with a foundation, it should always match your skintone, you can use a bronzer later on to add some colour/warmth. Your colour may change through the seasons, most people are fairer in the winter for example. It can be a good idea to have two shades that you can mix as your complexion changes.

Apply with a brush, sponge and/or fingers whatever is best for you. Build the coverage up slowly, different areas of the face will need different coverage so really look at your skin.  Lots of thin layers are better than one thick layer, it will look more natural and will last longer. This is true whether you’re using a liquid foundation or a powder one.

Some of my favourites are Aveda’s Tinted Moisturiser, Vapour’s Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation, W3LL PEOPLE’s Altruist Mineral Foundation, Alima Pure’s Mineral Foundation and Balance Me’s BB Cream.


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