Festival essentials…

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(photography Cat Harbour model Verity @Elite)

If your summer plans involve a festival or two, whether you’re camping or glamping, here are some of my favourite beauty essentials to keep you looking (and smelling) your best.


If showers are going to be few and far between, go armed with a decent deodorant to ensure you keep your friends. I LOVE this product, the best natural deodorant I’ve tried so far. I used to keep a ‘normal’ one for days I knew were going to be stressful, so might therefore need more protection, but I don’t anymore as Soapwalla works so well for me.


I never go anywhere without a good balm. Put it on your lips, tame your eyebrows; use it to add a sheen to your eyelids and cheekbones for that natural glow as well as moisturising any dry skin. Try taking a mini pot of coconut oil to do all of this and more, with its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities to name a few, you can use it for pretty much anything. Clean your teeth, clean your face, calm frizzy hair, heal a cut or soothe a bite, the list goes on. It will melt in the heat though so try and keep it in a cool place.


Braids are back this summer and are a perfect way to keep your locks looking great with minimal maintenance. If plaits aren’t your thing though, make sure you’ve got some dry shampoo in your bag to freshen up and give any greasy fringes the heave-ho. This is my new favourite one and it’s coloured which makes a huge difference – I don’t need any more grey thank you very much!!


Even with our unpredictable British weather, there is still the risk of getting sunburnt – even on a cloudy day. Make sure you pack a good sunscreen and reapply regularly if you are sitting out in the sun. Melvita’s BB cream has an SPF 15 along with lots of other skin benefits so good for packing light. It will help protect skin as well as giving lightweight coverage, giving skin a natural glow but also controlling shine – good on hot summer days.


These multi-tasking wipes are made from organic cotton and infused with organic essential oils, they are antibacterial and antiseptic so perfect for muddy fields and portaloos. Remove your make-up with them, clean your hands or anything you fancy for that matter.


However you wear it, black eyeliner is a festival staple. Smudged or winged, it adds instant easy glamour with minimal touch ups. Although I wouldn’t normally advocate sleeping in your make-up on, at a festival its almost inevitable – that’s if there is even any sleep going on! Even with the best wipes there is bound to be some left behind at night, but there is something quite nice about lived in liner. Top it up the next morning and you’re ready to go..(did I really just suggest that?? This is ONLY when you’re living in a tent and there is no hot cloth to hand… otherwise please remove all make-up carefully at night :))


“Attracts love bites. Repels bug bites.” What more could you ask for?

Anyone else got any favourites they wouldn’t be without in a muddy field??

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