Get the look – Look Magazine…


This is some of my latest work that came out last week in Look Magazine.

Our gorgeous model Lucinda had the most amazing brows, they look bleached but they are naturally that fair. I literally just brushed through them. On her eyes I used Pacifica’s Smolder Eye Lining Gel in Anchor as a base all over the lid and along the lower lashes. Anchor is a bronzed brown, I intensified the look with a darker brown eyeshadow from Couleur Caramel. I smudged it into the lashes along the top and bottom and also into the outer corner, blending it up and out. On her lashes I used RMS Beauty’s Volumizing Mascara – my current favourite.

I prepped Lucinda’s skin really well by cleansing and moisturising – I used Bodhi & Birch’s Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil; this has been a staple in my kit for so long now. For coverage I used a combination of Vapour’s Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation and RMS Beauty’s ‘Un’ Cover-Up. I don’t put coverage everywhere, just where it is needed. I then added a gentle contour using Vapour’s Translucent Bronzer in Spicy, balanced with a flush from RMS Beauty’s Smile Lip2Cheek. I also used the Living Luminizer on areas like the cheek bones, brow bones and inner corners of the eyes to brighten and lift.

The look was finished with a simple nude lip. I used Nobody’s Baby by Ilia mixed with a little of the ‘Un’ Cover-Up.

I really love this look, I think it’s something that anyone can wear. It is a really versatile look that can be softened and worn in the daytime, but also intensified for a night out.

Hope you like it too – would any of you wear it?

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