It’s Organic September time…


We seem to have raced through this far year too quickly, I can’t believe it is September already. That said it is my favourite time of year, I love autumn. I love the colours turning on the trees, the nights getting shorter (give me a shorter autumnal day over a longer summer’s day anytime!). Another good thing about September is the Soil Association’s Organic Your September Campaign. This yearly event is about celebrating all things organic, be it farming, food, textiles, or beauty.

Organic Your September is not about pressure to switch everything to organic. The smallest, simplest switch can make a huge difference. For example if everyone changed their milk to organic, the impact on the cow’s welfare and the environment would be incredible. It would also make a difference to your health. Cows on organic dairy farms are fed with clean grass and feed i.e no artificial herbicides or fertilisers, therefore their milk will be clean too. Organic farming also limits the way antibiotics are used, again meaning cleaner milk. I personally think it tastes better too.

Why not try changing up your beauty routine – something really easy to change is your body lotion. It also makes complete sense; think how much surface area your skin covers, it is the biggest area that you will slather with a product. If you’re going to change one thing in your beauty regime, make it this. It also won’t interfere with any other products that you’re currently using and is a good way to try a new range. If you’ve already got an organic body lotion, why not try a facial moisturiser..

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 09.46.49

My small change this September is going to be trying some new organic haircare. I’m generally a bit rubbish when it comes to my hair. It has regular cuts but styling is minimal. I’m embracing the curl, however there is embracing and there is neglecting… My current shampoo is not a baddy but I think I could find something better in terms of ingredients and performance. I’ll let you know… (suggestions welcome :))

What will you change?


  1. Kim

    I’ve just started using Green People Quinoa & Artichoke hair products & am really impressed; soft, manageable hair & no itchy scalp! Also very affordable price.

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