cheating beauty sleep….

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We all know the importance of getting enough sleep. Knowing it is all well and good, but actually getting it is a different matter. The rings under my eyes will confirm that there is definitely not enough in my life at the moment. I would say that there is enough to function just about, but the whole beauty sleep thing is not happening. Lack of sleep unfortunately does affect our appearance; there’s no getting away from the dull skin and tired eyes that inevitably look back at you in the mirror if you don’t get your fair quota of ZZZZ. Luckily there are a few things such as clever products and application tricks, that can help us at least pretend we’ve had a bit of shut-eye.

Skincare is ultra important for tired skin. Hydration is key if you want to brighten up your complexion so don’t scrimp on your moisturiser. As well as hydration you want your cream to be full of skin feeding ingredients such as antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Pimp it up with an oil to help add radiance and try massaging it into your skin to help get the blood flowing, this can make a huge difference. Use your ring fingers to massage gently around the eyes, this will help alleviate any puffiness and help shift congestion. It also feels really nice and can wake you up a little bit. If you’ve got time then a mask could make a difference too. S5’s Vitality Mask is amazing, just leaving it on for 3 minutes can lift a jaded complexion.

After waking your skin with some great skincare, the worst thing you can use is a heavy foundation. Although you may feel that you need more coverage, it will actually make matters look worse. Use something lightweight like Balance Me’s BB cream – it will continue your skincare while also brightening with a lightweight coverage. Then use a concealer where you need it. Jane Iredale’s Circle Delete in No 2 is great for helping to disguise shadows under the eyes. If you’re really dark you’re probably not going to get rid of them completely; and again too much product can make them look worse, so be careful with application. Apply several fine layers rather than one thick layer and just on the shadow rather than the whole under eye.

Keep eye make-up simple. Curled lashes and lots of mascara – combed through, not cloggy – will open eyes. A nude pencil on the inner rim can brighten them too – white can be too stark.

Distraction is a great way to brighten tired eyes; a youthful creamy pink blush on the cheeks can draw attention away from the eyes and instantly lift them. A coral blush can make blue eyes look bluer and thus less tired. The power of a good blush cannot be under estimated, and can certainly help you look more rested. Don’t go overboard though, a gentle flush is what you’re after.

I can’t talk about make-up for tired skin without mentioning RMS’s Living Luminizer – this has cheated hours of sleep for me!!! I always go on about it I know, but it’s sooo good. Apply it along cheekbones, browbones, eyelids, inner corners of eyes, bridge of nose… It’s a staple in my life, if you haven’t tried it, do!

A bright lip can also distract away from tired eyes and boost the complexion instantly – even a sheer gloss will do the job. Red or pink will both work wonders, I’m more a pink girl as I feel more comfortable although I’ve vowed to get along more with red. Berry colours are also a good option and can be worn with a relaxed application.

Photo by Mike Blackett.

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