5 minutes with Kirsten Kjaer Weis…

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I first met Kirsten Kjaer Weis over Skype when I interviewed her for Content at the beginning of last year and then again more recently when she gave a masterclass in the shop earlier this year. She is a very inspiring woman who has created a high performance, luxury make-up line that also happens to tick all the boxes when it comes to green beauty as well. The products are gorgeous in texture and colour, they come in amazing sleek (refillable) packaging and all are either certified organic or certified natural.

Here is a little quick 5 minutes with her talking organic beauty..

What does organic mean to you?

To me, organic means as pure and as close to nature as possible.

Why is organic beauty important?

Organic beauty is important because it is the purest, most untouched product that you will find. Organic makeup as well as being beautifying has the same quality ingredients that you find in natural skincare.

What product couldn’t you live without?

I couldn’t live without blush. If I could only pick one I would pick a Cream Blush because it is the one product that can instantly make you look refreshed, make your eyes pop, and give you an overall healthy glow. By the way, it can also be used on the lips.


What are your top 3 products in your kit and why?

My top 3 products are Cream Foundation, Cream Blush, and an eyelash curler. The foundation is for a flawless but super natural skin finish. It will make you look more refined and polished just by having a beautiful canvas. The blush adds a little bit of color and a healthy glow. The eyelash curler always helps to open up the eyes and prep for mascara.


What’s inside your make-up bag..

Everything I mentioned above for sure! I also have a couple of Eye Shadows in neutral tones, mascara, and a set of tweezers. Lastly, I always top it off with a Lip Tint. All of the products I keep are in subtle, earthy tones. I feel like my makeup kit can always take me from day to night, which is so important.

What make-up product should every woman own?

Every woman should own a great, non-conventional foundation that is a perfect match for her skin tone. It will take very little to make any woman feel polished.

Tell us a make-up tip that every woman should know..

Apply your blush, preferably cream blush, to the apples of the cheek. Not necessarily a contour under the cheekbones. It adds a surprisingly youthful glow to woman of any age and will make you look healthy and awake even if you don’t feel it.

What is the best bit of beauty advice that you were given and by whom?

My mom always said, “It’s an inside job.” Your thoughts, the amount of sleep you get, and what you feed your body will show up on your face. If you are rested and healthy your skin looks better. Everything starts on the inside and I truly believe that.

Do you have a skin care ritual?

Definitely cleanse the skin before bed. I love natural organic oils on the skin combined with an electronic face brush every other day. It really polishes the skin and feels like a facial. I also love May Lindstrom products. I would bathe in them if I could! Her products are so beautiful and really nourishing to the skin.

Thank you Kirsten for your pearls of organic wisdom! 

Look at this gorgeous image that Kirsten created using the new fall colours…


Check out the Kjaer Weis website to see the full range. My current favourite is the Cream Blush in Happy. What are your favourites? 

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