about me and this little blog on beauty


I started my career in make-up over 10 years ago training initially in special effects. On realising I preferred making people look quite nice (as opposed to decapitated), I changed my attentions to fashion, beauty and music. I had always been interested in natural products and started to experiment with them in my kit. The more I delved into the subject, the more I found a darker side to the conventional beauty industry. Surrounded by make-up every day, I started to question what I was using. From unsavoury ingredients to a careless environmental impact, I realised that these were key elements of many of the products I had in my kit.

I made a conscious decision to try and make my kit as clean and ethical as it could be. It is work in progress; from a professional point of view some products are proving harder to switch. But with the advancements of green technology, organic and natural beauty is coming on leaps and bounds, which is certainly easing the challenge. I still have things in there that might not tick all or any of the boxes but I am trying! I want to show that green beauty is cool and we don’t need harsh, unsustainable or untested chemicals to look good.

I also love beauty writing and have contributed features and quotes to magazines such as The Ecologist, InStyle, SIX, EggMag, Recognise and Black Hair. This is a blog to fuse my writing and my make-up together. I get to try some amazing products and meet some really interesting people and I want to share this with you. I’ll tell you about new products and treatments I have tried, along with tips to recreate looks and any news along the way. It’s a really exciting journey and I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Lou x



On this blog I only feature products that I like and think are worth writing about. Many have been sent to me by brands and their PRs, I have also purchased a lot myself. If I don’t like a product then I won’t write about it.

I have tested them out personally and on my clients during shoots etc. I can’t guarantee that they will necessarily suit you, so please if you get the chance, try a sample first before buying.


  1. What a lovely blog! I’m looking forward to discovering better choices when it comes to make up and products – I love eating clean, wholesome foods so it makes sense to educate myself on green products too! I look forward to making some of those discoveries through your blog xx

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